JAPAN Forward “Hong Kong Protests are Not Riots”


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Hong Kong Protests are Not Riots
– They are the True Voice Of The Unheard In Hong Kong

“We are brothers for life, aren’t we? If I go to prison, don’t forget me.”

Those were the words of Chan Ho-Tin, former convenor of the Hong Kong National Party, when he spoke to my husband, Hidetoshi Ishii, the Vice President of Free Indo-Pacific Alliance (FIPA), several hours after the march of 1,000 international protesters against Xi Jinping at the G20 in Osaka. The two noble warriors tightly shook hands and embraced each other. Chan, who is internationally known as Andy, then quickly turned around dashingly and walked out – yes, to go back to the turmoil of Hong Kong. What was behind his remark? How is it relevant to the recent controversies regarding Hong Kong?

Symbol of the Silenced Voices of Hong Kong
Chan Ho-Tin is the most oppressed person in Hong Kong. He is the first man…

JAPAN Forward 13th July, 2019


13th July, 2019